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hand-stitched children's clothing

how do you manage?

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so... there are some really wonderful things about being able to create Small Threads. Drawing the designs really stretches my creative limbs, sewing them is an amazing outlet for me and the feedback I get from customers, directly affects my self-esteem. I've been super bummed lately. My boys have taken up every second of my days and I'm so exhausted that I can't get anything done at night. How do you all manage with 4 kids? I love them and all, don't get me wrong, but holy cow!!! If I'm not feeding someone, I'm changing someone, mediating for some of them while helping the other with his homework, while tying one's shoes and comforting the other. It's endless and fulfilling and stressful and joy-filled and everything in between. So help me, dangit! I'm going to find some me time, some sewing time. 

babies for days...months...years!

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I think I'm finally ready to get back in the saddle. I began the journey of foster care for littles, under two about two years ago. I have had the privilege of having four special spirits in our home. We have worked hard to heal the wounds and tame the wild. Our fourth foster child is still with us and we managed to have another child biologically, so now I am raising four boys, yes, that's correct, FOUR! I have been in over my head with all of them, but I think I'm ready. I need to be ready. I need the outlet that you all give me through creating Small Threads. I will start tonight with some super ideas I have for Valentine's Day!

Busy Stitching

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So as I sit here stitching, I can see the gardeners out the window, blowing the leaves from the path. I can see cars racing down the street. I can see squirrels jumping branch to branch. I am lucky I have a window here, it makes sewing even more enjoyable. I am creating my production calendar today, I applied for the Renegade Winter Fair and if I get in, I will need to have made sooo many things. So here goes!

One thing or another.

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I am finally past the "getting to know you" stage with our newest Foster Baby. He is about 7 months old now and so I am getting back to my normal life. I kept up well on the sewing, but the Instagramming (is that a word?) and blogging have fallen to the wayside. So I am back at it. I'm trying to do it all, not one thing or another, all of it. So today, I applied for the Renegade Holiday Fair in San Francisco. If I get in, I'm gonna rock it!!!

the new small threads

new creations, updatesMandy SmithComment

I am so thankful to all of my devout customers. I love knowing you. I love dressing your children. I enjoy the fact that I know what colors your little one can really rock. I know which clients wear white and which can not! I have made your little ones their first newborn outfit, your nieces custom pony tee, your sons 2nd birthday monster tee, your daughter first big girl rainbow undies... I've been there thru it all and up until now, things around Small Threads have been the same. Well, there are some big changes that have taken place this month.

Let's break it down...

Small Threads Basics - I 'heart' tees, Bony Hoodies, Small Skivvies

Basics are available year round and fully customizable. Their prices and quality remain the same. You still have options like, long-sleeves, organic, v-neck, etc. The basics that are hand-dyed will still be hand-dyed and all basics will receive the same care and attention as always.

Shop I 'heart' tees, Bony Hoodies or Small Skivvies now!

Small Threads Designer Line - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

The Small Threads Designer Line is limited, seasonal and fresh. The quality is the same as all that Small Threads has to offer, but they are directly inspired by the season. Mandy uses current trends and inspirations to create each exclusive collection. These are also fully customizable and can be made long-sleeved, organic, v-neck, etc. Mandy has many extraordinary pieces she is ready to roll out this year, stay tuned.

Custom(er) Threads - you take part in creation

These Threads are the ones that you basically create. This usually happens one of 3 ways.

1. you send a pic or a detailed explanation of what you'd like, Mandy creates it for you. Her hands' are basically your hands'. 

2. you tell Mandy what you'd like the design to encompass, but you need help laying it out, or choosing colors, wording, etc.

3. you tell Mandy the occasion or theme for the creation and give her full creative rights. She custom creates a design, hand-dyes the Threads the color of her choice, chooses the fabrics and you are surprised and delighted upon receipt. 

A few things are changing in the Custom(er) Threads area of the shop. Mandy absolutely LOVES creating everything your heart desires, but these orders are extremely time consuming, require additional research and are often time sensitive.

In order to continue to offer these custom orders, there is a new custom fee. This fee will include Mandys' personal research time, custom fabric shopping for your piece, her design input, hand sketching, custom hand-dyeing and 2/3 day shipping. 

Come shop Spring 2014 now!

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capturing babies

photographing the threads, new creationsMandy SmithComment

Photographing little ones can be impossible, especially once they are mobile. Marshmallows and other little treats will occupy them for a moment, but then they're off again. Someone should be photographing the Mom's and I as we clap, jump and scream, desperately begging for a smile. Someone should photograph my sweat face as I run around the baby, hoping the little one will give me that look, while showing the Threads. It's exhausting, but so worth it, I love nothing more than seeing my work on sweet babies. It brings it all together for me. 


rainy day stitching

new creations, my lifeMandy SmithComment

There's just something about sitting in my workspace, looking out the window and seeing the rain fall. It's so inspiring. I feel like there is a rain storm in my mind, so many ideas keep puddling up. I am going to sit here and sew until the puddles are dried up. Today I am working on a deer and a monkey. I am stitching on organic American Apparel one-pieces today. So soft and cozy!

spring is in the air

new creationsMandy SmithComment

I am working on some adorable designs for spring 2014. I have been inspired by some really great retro animals. So far a sweet little lamb, a happy elephant and a fluffy chick have all been stitched up. These threads are sure to take you back to when life was dandy and candy was a penny.