Small Threads

hand-stitched children's clothing

Hi. I'm Mandy, the human behind Small Threads. I am a wife and a Mother of four magnificent boys. My littles are a lot of fun, a load of hard work, and as you can see they provide me with plenty of inspiration.

behind the threads

When I feel lost in life, my machine is always there to help me find myself.

With every moment I gave to my boys, I felt as if I was losing a part of myself.
Although my boys brought new and indescribable joys, I began to miss myself. I felt as if I was no longer a person. I was just a shell, providing for everyone around me.
I realized that I had to do something for me. My husband and boys deserved to see me fulfilling my potential. I deserved to feel satisfied. 
I remembered my mother. I remembered sitting by her feet as she altered clothing for the people in town. I remembered how she pumped the pedal and how the engine hummed. I remembered the smell of the starch and machine oil. The memory was warm and happy and perfect. 
I decided to pull out my old machine. I sat down, put my foot on the pedal and I was home. 
I took a onesie out of my son's drawer, two scraps of fabric and onto the onesie, I sewed a bird.
A simple bird. It made me smile. I took a needle and thread and gave it a little eye. Then I stitched around the edges. It was perfect. I named it 'early bird'. 
Suddenly the ideas began to pour in faster than I could create them. I pulled out a notepad and began to sketch.
That night, Small Threads was born.

the making of small threads

From the first thread to the last, Small Threads designs are 100% handmade. Starting with an American made American Apparel tee, one-piece or pant, I hand-dye the clothing one of my many custom color options. I then hand-draw the design, no patterns here. I choose fabrics from vintage, recycled and new, to best express the custom design. I maneuvers the fabric through the machine, to create a unique design. I then hand-stitche the piece to complete the design and bring it to life.


care instructions

Because Small Threads are hand-stitched and hand-dyed, some fraying or fading may occur. It adds the character of a piece. Feel free to machine wash cold, with similar colors. To dry, turn inside out and tumble dry low, or hang and let the air dry your Threads.

Wear often and enjoy for years to come!



Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
— Thomas Morton


I love to custom create Threads! I can create EXACTLY what you are looking for; an exclusive tee for your daughter's monster themed birthday party, a pair of Small Skivvies to appease your nephew's obsession with tractors or the perfect design for your boss's new grandson. If you give me an idea, I can run with it, or if you'd like some creative input, I'll leave room for that too!